Att. Fatma BENLİfatmabenlifoto

Having  graduated from the  faculty of at İstanbul University, Mrs. Benli continues  to  receive  her Ph.D. education in private law at Marmara University. She is a member  of the National Human Rights Institution of Turkey  and  among “The 500 most  Influential  Muslim” in a publication  released by    Georgetown  University.  She is Group Secretary Black Sea Region Group of Committee of Wise People is comprised of 63 members who are expected to improve the climate for peaceful relations in the country.

She is also the  Turkey ‘s  representative  in the   lnternational   Jurists  Union.  Having served  for 12  years in various foundations   focusing  on women,  law  and  international  law, she has delivered  countless  number of presentations on human rights both in Turkey  and abroad. She has books and articles published  with  concentration  on public  sphere, freedom of expression, European  Court of Human  Rights, United National  Convention to Eliminate All Forms  of Discrimination  Against Women, violence against women, honor  killings, property regimes and human rights.

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